Rascal Vista


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    Rascal Vista Mobility Scooter: Unleash Your Freedom

    Experience enhanced mobility with the Rascal Vista Mobility Scooter, designed for effortless travel and independence.

    Key Features:

    • Speed and Power: Reach up to 5 mph, with a robust motor and long-lasting battery.
    • Comfort: Enjoy a plush, ergonomic seat for extended journeys.
    • All-Terrain: Navigate any surface with stability and control.
    • Manoeuvrability: Easily handle tight spaces with responsive steering.
    • Battery Life: Travel up to 20 miles on a single charge.
    • Storage: Carry your essentials with ample onboard storage.
    • Stylish Design: Blend style with functionality.
    • Safety: Features LED lighting and anti-tip wheels.
    • Transport: Easily disassembled for car transport.
    • Customizable: Personalise with accessories and colour choices.

    Experience freedom and independence with the Rascal Vista Mobility Scooter.


    Rascal Mobility